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hmm, never been in an lj community before

Well, I figure this community needs new members and some more entries. There are a couple of people that I will try to get to join. *shrug* I don't really have much else to say except that I wish my Cobalt Flux would finally arrive and if anyone wants to go play DDR or, if absolutely necessary, ITG leave a message with mightychicken86 on AIM.
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I'm sure it will get there soon Eddie-kun.
What's so bad about ITG, huh huh?^_^
nothing wrong with ITG, I just happen to like DDR better. Though I suppose its hard to find a DDR machine in stl these days save the 5th mix at Tropicana.
I love ITG so much. Grant it, I love ddr, but once you've played ITG, ddr just seems so much easier to you. It's because ITG was geared towards all the harder level players of ddr. I'm not perfect at ddr, but I still love to play all the harder ITG songs. The bpm is alot slower so you have to speed mod the crap out of songs just to read them, and the fact that you have to use your hands, I just love it because when people watch you play and you use your hands they just gawk at you and wonder how in the heck you do it. ^_^ Mines are fun too, but if you don't know what they are then its not fun because you hit them and your life bar goes bye bye!
I never really used speed mods myself; well I haven a couple of times trying to beat Cartoon Heroes. When I went to play ITG a couple weeks ago, I didn't find any of the songs that required using your hands. The one thing that really gives me trouble with ITG is that 1/16th steps are green instead of purple and that throws me off a good deal.