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I don't know how to make a poll for lj...

But I would still like to put this question to everyone in the community: How would you feel about the 5th mix machine at Tropicana becoming an Extreme? I'm not saying this is going to happen, in fact it probably wont. Regardless, leave a comment with your opinion.
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No! I love the 5th mix.
It's where we first played DDR together.. <3
OH YEAH! Can you remember the first song we did?
Hmm... I think I made you play Boys! with me.. :P
I like that idea^_^ We need another Extreme in the STL area..all of them are going away=(
Well *sigh* even if they do make it an EX I can always just take over the boards then =^-^=
I think we should ask them to get one somewhere in the loop or at the Galleria.. since the Galleria has those Pump It Up! machines.
I like that idea, perhaps there is a way to suggest it to the movie theatre?
I dunno... ^_^;
You have to be a paid member to make polls.
I would kill you. O_o;;

You're just angry about the failed exorcism, that's all. *Grumble*